The New Mastering Natural Light Course by Mitchell Kanashkevich

3 Hours
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33 Lessons (3h)

  • Part 1: The Photographer's Most Powerful Tool
    How To Use This Course
    Lesson 1: Introduction5:46
    Lesson 2: Role of Natural Light7:14
    Lesson 3: The Power of Natural Light2:28
    Lesson 4: Natural Light as a Creative Tool4:16
    Lesson 5: Adapting to Natural Light5:30
    Lesson 6: Philosophy Behind Natural Light4:12
    Lesson 7: Natural Light and Color3:24
    Lesson 8: The Histogram5:14
    Lesson 9: Exposing with PP in Mind5:09
    Lesson 10: Controlling The Impact of Natural Light4:53
    Lesson 11: Diffusing Natural Light2:59
    Lesson 12: Direction of Natural Light1:48
    Lesson 13: Directing Natural Light Indoors10:23
    Lesson 14: Directing Natural Light Outdoors9:47
    Lesson 15: Multiple Light Sources8:24
    Lesson 16: Natural Lights' Dynamic Nature7:29
    Lesson 17: Dealing with Elusive Light15:49
    Lesson 18: Final Words
  • Part 2: Light and Post Processing
    A Few Words About Part Two
    Lesson 1: Introduction
    Lesson 2: Why Do We Post-Process?4:46
    Lesson 3: Global Adjustments7:55
    Lesson 4: Local Adjustments8:36
    Lesson 5: Final Words
  • Part 3: A Comprehensive Guide
    Lesson 1: Guide to Twilight16:14
    Lesson 2: Guide to Magic/ Golden Hour16:36
    Lesson 3: Guide to Diffused By Clouds13:03
    Lesson 4: Guide to Harsh Daylight15:39
    Lesson 5: Guide to Diffused Light Indoors and in the Shade18:54
    Lesson 6: Guide to Light in The Fog14:46
    Lesson 7: Final Words

Unleash Your Full Creative Potential by Discovering the Secrets to Natural Light!



Mitchell Kanashkevich is a travel/cultural/documentary photographer and a writer of ebooks and educational photography courses. One of the best on his field, his work has been featured in National Geographic Traveler, Vanity Fair, Lonely Planet Traveler, Geographical UK and even won as 'Travel Photographer of the Year'.


Have you limited yourself creatively by shooting only in 'good' light? Do you avoid shooting in certain tricky lighting situations, because you don't yet have the confidence? Have you been taking very basic and flat photos? If your answer to these questions is yes, then this course is for you. This 3-hour comprehensive course will show you how to command light as a powerful tool. You'll get original educational content. spread multimedia lessons, with multiple case-studies, time-lapses, image breakdowns, diagrams, and exercises. After going through the training, you’ll be able to take full control of your photography, and you'll no longer miss out on beautiful photo opportunities.

  • Access 33 lectures & 3 hours of content 24/7
  • Understand the role of light in your photography
  • Discover the inter-connectivity of light & color and learn important facts about this relationship
  • Master the special tools that can assist you in your natural light photography
  • Get specific tips on the post-processing controls that improve the ‘light’ in your photographs


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